The Beginning

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This year I will be sharing a great deal of content here on practical approaches for resistance training. But before I do that I want to spend a bit of time sharing my story.

How It All Began

I started lifting weights to improve my sports performance. During middle school and early high school, I focused on learning all I could about resistance exercise. I began researching the benefits of resistance training and grew frustrated with the lack of scientific research for or against resistance training to improve baseball throwing velocity.

Even considering the inferiority of my early resistance training program compared to what I know now I felt an almost immediate performance improvement.  My lean physique seemed to change rapidly. I noticed a dramatic difference in how I felt and looked.  I was 15 years old and during one winter following a few months of resistance training, I could dunk a basketball.  At the time, I was probably about 5 foot 8 inches tall.  I have no doubt my improvement in jumping ability was directly related to my strength improvements specifically lower body strength. 


Another benefit of resistance training is the improvement in confidence and self-esteem that carried over into all areas of my life. Even today I find the feeling of accomplishment following a strength training session to be exhilarating. The feeling of stressed muscles that results in a bit of soreness feels great in a sort of odd way. Knowing that my exercise program is resulting in greater strength and muscle mass and that those two variables will decrease without such an intervention is empowering. I am almost 50 years old and despite having some aches and pains I am stronger than I have ever been.    

So, I began my strength training journey to become a better baseball pitcher. Little did I know those beginning months of resistance training would lead to a lifelong journey to discover the most effective methods to resistance train.  There are days I wonder why I ever chose this path and it certainly has not proven to be profitable.  However, the knowledge and experience I have gained have hopefully made a difference in the lives of those I have served. Therefore, the purpose of my writing is to provide practical resistance exercise information.

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