Example Week of Exercise

Today I wanted to put together a weekly plan of exercise. The plan includes 4 days of organized exercise and 2 days of extra movement. This is just an example and you can adapt things as you see fit. The 4 days of exercise will require less than 30 minutes of exercise.

Day 1

Resistance Exercise as described on these posts or something similar. Chose one of these two strategies and follow it for 8-12 weeks for the resistance training.

My Current Resistance Training Program – Strength Training For Health and Human Performance (drthomasfitness.com)

Exercise Selection and Routine – Strength Training For Health and Human Performance (drthomasfitness.com)

Day 2

Cardiovascular Exercise following a higher intensity progressive plan similar to this one.

Cardiovascular Exercise – Strength Training For Health and Human Performance (drthomasfitness.com)

Day 3

Resistance Exercise as described in the Day 1 links above.

Day 4

Cardiovascular exercise as described in the Day 2 link.

Day 5

10,000 steps total for the day. Wear a Fitbit or other fitness tracker to track steps.

Day 6

Same as day 5

Day 7


Day 8 : Repeat Day 1

Total Exercise time is under 2 hours not counting the 10,000 step requirement on day 6 and 7.

This is not the only plan to follow but is a great start.

Stay Strong,


Cardiovascular Exercise

Today I wanted to talk about ways to implement more activity in your weekly plan. Resistance training should be completed at least 1 or 2 days per week. I have covered ways to set up that in prior posts.

On the days you are not strength training you should perform some other form of exercise. The plan I would probably follow includes:

Two days of cardiovascular exercise that is progressive.

My choice is to use the elliptical but you can use any mode of cardiovascular exercise you like.

Warm up with some low intensity movement for 3-5 minutes.

Then, complete 15 minutes of exercise at a level that is challenging. I prefer the interval training program on the elliptical.

Record the distance covered in that 15 minutes.

Each time you perform that mode of exercise try to improve the distance covered for the same time (15 minutes) with the same program and intensity.

Therefore, your cardiovascular training program is progressive. Over weeks and months, your intensity should increase as you are working harder but not longer.

Once you can complete 20% greater distance increase the intensity level by one category on that machine.

The key here is accurate record-keeping providing data on the distance covered, time, and intensity of each workout.

The data you will have over weeks of exercise will be motivational as you see your improvements.

Stay Strong,


P.S. Engage in this plan only after you have been medically cleared to engage in high-intensity exercise.