Personal Training

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P.S. – Whenever you’re ready, here are 3 ways I can help you:

1. Be a guest of mine for a One-on-One Fitness Success Session.

  • We’ll sit down together either in person or online and develop a personalized plan to help you achieve your fitness goals. 
  • Just reply to this message and put “Success” in the subject line.

2. I have FREE Open Office Hours during the week where you can call in and speak to me about your goals.

  • The call is just 15 minutes out of your week, but the insights you’ll discover could impact you for a lifetime! 
  • To schedule your FREE consultation, reply, and put ‘Call’ in the subject line.

3. Train With Us From Anywhere.

  • If you can’t make it to our facility in Springfield, you can still train with the best!
  • This is exactly like personal training, but it’s anywhere you need it to be, and it’s even more affordable.
  • If you are interested in our world-class, anytime & anywhere program, reply with ‘online’ and I’ll get you all the details.