Greatest Strength Training Program: I Have Ever Designed

Hi Everyone.

Today I want to share the greatest strength training routine I have ever designed.  Sure there are derivations of this program but this basic program produced the greatest changes in body composition (less fat and more muscle) that I have ever recorded. This program is simple but I can tell you with certainly simple is best. 

The application of this program over time is the key!

You can see my research here.

Click the download link if you would like to read the whole paper.

In short here is the program.

Perform this 1-5 days per week as time allows.  For most, I believe 1-3 days per week is adequate.

Flat Chest Presses
Pulldowns or pullups
Walking Lunges
Standing Calf Raises

Optional Exercises
Bicep Curls
Tricep Pushdowns or Pushups

Perform 2-5 sets of 10 repetitions per exercise and over time increase the resistance.

That is it.  Simple.  The real issue is being consistent.  Perform this routine at least 1-3 days per week for 3 months and you will have transformed your life.  After some time of consistency, you will need to make changes but don’t worry about that until then.

Michael Thomas, Ph.D.

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I help people become healthier and stronger through evidence-based resistance exercise.

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